World Water Day

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World Water Day is a celebration of clean and fresh water around the world and the good it does, World Water Day is celebrated on the 22nd March every year. That’s why we came up with a few handy things to keep you informed on the importance of World Water Day!

Originally made by the UN, World Water Day was made in 1993 to focus on the importance of freshwater as well as a reminder to tackle the global water crisis and help 2 billion people have access to clean drinking water. 

Ground water (fresh water that is found underground in aquifers) feeds springs, rivers and lakes and is usually topped up by the water cycle. Life is actually heavily dependent on ground water to sustain itself as well for a human population to survive. From drinking and sanitation to food production, humans also need an abundance of groundwater. That means that water is usually pumped up from the ground or other sources to support human life. This can unfortunately lead to overconsumption and affect ecosystems such as wetlands and rivers. This leads to the precarious balancing act of balancing using water for human use and making sure there’s enough for the ecosystem and that’s what World Water Day is all about!


Here’s a few other fun facts about Water that you might not know about:

  • Almost all of the liquid freshwater in the world is groundwater.
  • About 40% of all water used for irrigation actually comes from aquifers.
  • World Water Day has a theme each year, last year, the theme was ‘Valuing water’, this year, the theme is ‘Groundwater: Making the Invisible, Visible’!

Our favourite charity with a similar goal to World Water Day is Water Aid. They do amazing work all over the world to improve sanitation and drinking water services and with each freshie, we donate money to Water Aid to help them and World Water Aid achieve our common goal! 



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