Our Top Tips for Sustainable Christmas Decorating

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Another massive part of Christmas is obviously the decorations! Where the perfect display can get anyone in the most festive of moods and raring for all the Christmas classics blasting over the radio. That being said, unfortunately Christmas decorations are not the most environmentally friendly of things; here are a few ways you can make your decorations a little bit more environmentally friendly!

Making the table: While Christmas crackers are central to Christmas dinner, they aren’t the most eco-friendly. Crackers are not generally recyclable and the toys inside are usually made out of plastic. You should look out for FSC-certified crackers or reusable DIY crackers that you can fill with eco-friendly festive favours.

You can also try to avoid single-use tablecloths and napkins and use different materials that are able to be reused and have a longer lifecycle. When it comes to washing stains, try to wash at a colder temperature first so you don’t use as much energy in your washing.

Lighting to fit the mood: When it comes to lighting up the Christmas tree, try using LED lights on your tree, they tend to use less energy and still manage to look just as good! One last thing you can do is to make sure to turn your lights off at night. It’s safer, saves you money and doesn’t waste energy on lights that no one is looking at!

Get DIY with your decorations: Rather than buying new decorations, you can see if you can repair or upcycle your decorations, or even make new ones. There’s plenty of videos and tutorials on the internet that should be able to help get you started with your own DIY decorations.

Don’t forget the tree! Some people prefer to buy a plastic tree for Christmas, some prefer the real thing and that’s okay! Either way, we can help you reduce your footprint. If a plastic Christmas tree is more your style, just make sure to reuse it for about 10 years, otherwise it would have been more sustainable to have just got a real tree.

If you like to have a real Christmas tree over the presents at Christmas, there are a couple of tricks you can use to help stay sustainable. The first is just to make sure it’s Forest Stewardship Council certified. You should also be clear on how to dispose of your tree once the season is over, you could use the chopped up tree for firewood if you have a fireplace in your home. Another step you could take could be to even just buy a potted tree, you can use it over several years if you give it some watering over the year. One step further, you could even just rent a Christmas tree over the festive season. A number of places let you care for a tree over the Christmas period to be returned to them to then be replanted for use again the next year.


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